About HelloOtel Turbomarketing system


HelloOtel Turbomarketing is a centralized loyalty system among travel agencies (and directly among travel agency managers) for timely submission of reservation information to the corresponding hotels-members of Hello Otel club. The loyalty system operates in more than 20 countries.

The mission of HelloOtel is to unite travel agents on an international marketing platform and create a common policy of cooperation and development, both in the domestic and international tourism industry.

Within the HelloOtel system, modules are presented that create additional income opportunities for agents.

Information on bookings made through the system is sent directly to the Hotel Manager. This enables to inform the hotel on reservation that allows you to enhance efficiency of tourist check-in in the hotel to the maximum, prevent unforeseen situations and improve the service quality.

The hotel grants bonuses for each reservation  according to staying period and room type. Then these bonuses can be spent on a free infotour in this hotel or other hotels, using the barter system of bonus exchange for closer insight into tourist services in the hotel to meet personally the administration which under future cooperation will result in many additional privileges.

Booking system enables to review the status of each reservation after reservation and before tourist check-out from the hotel. Each reservation status has its own colour in the list of bookings.

If necessary it is possible to write directly using the system the Hotel Manager and promptly obtain an answer to the question asked.

The system enables each Hotel Manager to contact directly travel agencies on reservation issues.

If you want to become Hello Otel system participant, submit your application for review to the site administrator.